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For our products we only use the best parts we can find and use NOS items where available. If a part is no longer available we may consider small scale remanufacturing.


If it is not broken, we do not bin it. In every project we endeavour to repair as much of the original item as possible. That way we maintain as much originality and heritage of the vehicle the part belongs to.


We aim to restore to the highest of standards, going that extra mile to maintain any specification peculiarities of the vehicle, or any of its components, wherever possible.

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LT95 Fairey Overdrive Kit

LT76 Fairey Overdrive Kit

Refurbished LT76s

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To complete our restoration projects to the best of our ability, we do occasionally require that certain something, that exquisite nugget, that special widget that you may have hidden away in the back corner of your garage. Whilst we do have stocks of many now rare components that we ourselves have hoarded over the years, sometimes we fall short. See our most wanted list to see if you can help.